35mm Whisky Glass
35mm Whisky Glass
35mm Whisky Glass
35mm Whisky Glass
35mm Whisky Glass

35mm Whisky Glass

$ 20.00

The 35mm Film Whisky Glass

After the success of our 35mm Pint Glasses, we figured we couldn't leave all the whisky drinkers out there hanging. So we made these. 

Whether you spell it whisky or whiskey, and whether your preferred drink is Bourbon, single malt scotch, or a fine blend, these glasses will leave a colorful hint of toasted vanilla on your palate. Just kidding - they'll taste like whatever you put in them... 

The perfect gift for any film photography lover who also likes an occasional drink,

Conceived and designed by us, these glasses are 100% Made in the USA, and feature a real 35mm film canister that is permanently embedded in the glass. 

A truly limited edition, each glass is made by hand and subject to extremely limited supply. 

About these Whisky Glasses:

- 11oz (325ml) Whisky Glass

- Genuine 35mm Film Canister permanently embedded in each glass

- Limited Edition - limited quantities available

- Made in the USA using a patented process

- Hand wash only

- Ships worldwide

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Ask a Question
  • How do you wash this glass? Wouldn’t the sticker on the film canister degrade if it got wet?

    Hi Hunter,

    Thanks for your question. These glasses are hand-wash only. As long as you allow it to dry between washes (just like a regular glass), it will be fine. There are no stickers on the canisters, they are metal. 

    Hope that helps!