About us

Who are we?  

We are a group of Photographers who wanted cool photography t-shirts to wear while out shooting. We couldn't find any, so we made our own.  

We are proudly based in Philadelphia, the birthplace of photography in America. The oldest active camera club in the US - The Photographic Society of Philadelphia - was founded here in 1860. Yup, Philadelphians have been making photographs for a long time.

Since those early days, photography has evolved dramatically, with technology turning our art into something anyone can pursue.  The passion photographers feel, however, hasn't changed, and the power of a photograph today is still as captivating as it was 150 years ago.

We try to put this passion into everything we make.  All of our shirts are designed, made, packaged and shipped right here in Philadelphia. For photographers, by photographers.  We make Men's and Women's cut tees, hats, pins, and even hoodies

Fun fact: All of the models we use to display our shirts are local Philadelphia photographers, and the gear you see them shooting with is their own.  We shoot our models ourselves right here in the same place we make the shirts - Philadelphia.  Any other way just wouldn't be right.

We enjoy sharing our passion for photography, and we hope you enjoy our tribute to the art we love.  If you ever want to get in touch or go out shooting together in Philly, hit us up and we'll do our best to make it happen. 

Until then, keep shootin',

- The Photographers at TogTees

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