Film Format Family
Film Format Family
Film Format Family
Film Format Family

Film Format Family

$ 32.00

TogTees x RFB
Film Format Family Tee

This is the 2nd tee in our exclusive collab with Restore From Backup

Film photographers everywhere will immediately recognize the different film formats in this family - 35mm, Medium Format, and Large Format. 

Fun fact: the 3 different film formats are actually to scale on this tee, which gives you a great visual representation of the relative sizes of the film frames. 

  • The smallest format in the center is classic 35mm, which produces a 24mm x 36mm frame. 
  • The middle format is a 6x7 Medium Format frame - 6cm x 7cm
  • The outside format is a 4x5 Large Format frame - 4 inches x 5 inches. 

Test your fellow film photographers with this tee, and see if they can identify each format. 


This shirt is hand-printed with a long-lasting ink on a premium ultra-soft poly-cotton blend shirt that won't fade or stretch - no matter how much you wear it.

The most comfortable t-shirt you've ever worn. With an exclusive design you won't find anywhere else.

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