Men's Trolley Tank

Men's Trolley Tank

$ 22.00

Men's StreetsDept Trolley Tank

One of our most popular designs, now available in a tank.  

We partnered with one of the most prolific photographers in Philadelphia, StreetsDept to make this special-edition tank.  

Streetcars have been part of life in Philadelphia since 1858, when the first (horse-drawn) streetcars were introduced.  The trolley system was converted to electrical in 1898 it continues to run to this day.

This limited-edition tank pays homage to a city rich in history with a design that fuses old and new - trolleys and street art.  Wear it and represent. 


This shirt is hand-printed with a long-lasting ink on a premium ultra-soft blended shirt that won't fade  - no matter how much you wear it.

The most comfortable tank you've ever worn. With an exclusive design you won't find anywhere else.