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Photowalk (Men's)

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Photowalk Tee

Over the years, we've been on hundreds of photowalks in various cities around the country, and around the world. There's nothing quite like the fun, relaxing, collaborative vibe you get on a chill, slow walk around your favorite city with like-minded artists trying to create art alongside you.

But the best part is that even if you're walking next to a fellow photographer the entire time, you can bet your camera that by the time the walk is over, you'll each have vastly different photographs

Since photowalks are basically our favorite way to get out there and shoot, we had to make a fitting tribute. Put this tee on for your next photowalk, and if you don't know where to find a group, checkout in your city. It's full of them! (Our local photo club is the Fairmount Photo Club)

Also available in Women's cut


This shirt is hand-printed with a long-lasting ink on a premium ultra-soft poly-cotton blend shirt that won't fade or stretch - no matter how much you wear it.

The most comfortable t-shirt you've ever worn. With an exclusive design you won't find anywhere else.

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Ask a Question
  • Hi... I’m wondering if it would be possible to have the film snake design put on a hoodie?

    Hi Jeanne,

    We're glad to hear you like the Film Snake design so much! :)

    Right now, we're not making any more hoodies for this winter, but we'll definitely add it to the lineup for next winter!